Terms & Conditions / Cancellation Policy

REDSHARK S.L is committed to provide users all contracted services with the conditions and agreed terms. For administrative reasons once the reservation is confirmed by the customer (when the 50% or the entire amount has been prepaid), REDSHARK S.L (B35879980) reserves the right to make the refund pursuant to the following conditions.

Cancellation Conditions (On-line)

  1. If the customer decides to cancel the contracted service, it shall notify the REDSHARK S.L within 30 days ahead. In such a case the customer will be entitled to a refund of the paid sums with the deduction of 25€ that will cover the operational costs.
  2. If the cancellation is notified to REDSHARK S.L within less than 30 days ahead, the customer shall not be entitled to any refunds, the full amount will be saved to use in a future reservation for a period of one year, period in which the customer can select a new date to enjoy any of the contracted services to REDSHARK S.L. However, it will be transferable to third parties.
  3. If the cancellation is notified to REDSHARK S.L within less than 7 days the customer shall have no claim whatsoever, by way of handling charges.

Cancellation of Activities due to weather issues or lack of conditions:

  1. If contracted activities are cancelled for weather reasons (heavy rain or extreme wind) or lack of appropriate conditions for the practice of such activities (waves in the case of surf and wind in the case of Kite or Windsurf) REDSHARK S.L will offer the client the following possibilities:
    - Change of date for the contracted activity.
    - An alternative activity.
    - If the customer cannot change the dates or were not interested in doing an alternative activity will be offered a voucher equivalent to the outstanding activity contracted valid for 1 year from date of issue.

Cancellation Conditions (Shop& Partners):

When the reservation is confirmed by our shop (Redshark) or our partners, the money will not be refunded except when;

  1. The client has a medical report as such activity cannot perform due to illness. In this case, REDSHARK S.L will propose alternatives as in the section 2.1