Environmental Commitment

REDSHARK is aware of the contribution relevance by companies, institutions, public administrations and individuals in promoting responsible practices that respect the environment and allow a clear progress of society towards a better world. This is why we have adopted environmental guidelines in our business strategy.

These guidelines are reflected in the environmental policy that is inspired by two principles: compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and continuous improvement of activities in order to protect the environment. With both principles we are committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment.

Environment Policy:

To comply with these principles, REDSHARK proposes:

  • - Take necessary measures to prevent contamination, and when this is not possible, minimize pollutant emissions.
  • - Systematically reduce waste, recycling and reusing it whenever possible, as well as using natural resources, raw materials and energy efficiently.
  • - Apply the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the environmental regulations applicable to our activities at a local, national and global level in which the company operates.
  • - Spread the word about environmental policy among employees, suppliers, and other interested parties.
  • - Train and raise awareness among employees so that in their day-to-day work they perform their tasks following our environmental policy.
  • - Establish procedures for periodic review of compliance with environmental policy, as well as applying corrective measures when they have been breached.
  • - Carry out a process of continuous improvement of our actions with respect to the environment.