Kitesurf course with Redshark in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)

Courses for beginner & intermediate level by boat in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Fun, safe & efficient kitesurf training in perfect conditions!

We operate our lessons by Kite Boat ensuring you total safety and enough space to learn how to navigate in the water.

No crowded kitesurf spots. No wasting time walking back on the beach. Just ride and enjoy in your own space.

  • You will learn 7 times faster
  • Small Groups (max. 3 per instructor)
KiteSurf Courses
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bring your own equipment? 20% discount!

Everything included

  • Wind Theory & practical Kite Lessons
  • Kitesurf Boat water sessions
  • All equipment included
  • Third party + Accident Insurance
  • Redshark Certificate
  • 1 day = 3 hours
  • Maximum 3 Person/Instructor


Bookings and Cancelations conditions

Beginner Kitesurf Course With Redshark

from Zero to Hero

If you are a beginner or have no Kitesurf experience, than this course is perfect for you. The course includes praxis kiteflying sessions on the beach and Kitesurf Water session by boat.

#1-2 DAYS

Beginner kitesurf beach session:

  • Theory of the wind and how to set up and pack down your equipment.
  • Fly and control your kite and learn how to use the basic safety systems.

#3-5 DAYS

Beginner kitesurf water session by boat:

  • Transfer by boat to the best kitesurf spots for your level.
  • Kite flying, Kite relaunch and Kite landing in the water.
  • Bodydrag with and without your board.
  • Exercises to get you ready for the waterstart.

Now its time to take your board for the Waterstart:-) It might take a few attempts but soon you will be up on the board riding upwind. Good job!

Price list Beginner Kitesurf Windguru Meet Our Kite Instructor Team

Intermediate Kitesurf Course With Redshark

Improve your Kitesurfing skills

Have you done a previous kitesurfing course? Do you already know how to control your kite and you are now ready for the water? Do you want to improve your Kitesurf skills? Then this course is perfect for you!

#1-4 DAYS

Intermediate kitesurf water session with boat support:

  • The first day starts with a short (1.5h) security & boat preparation session on the beach.
  • Transfer by boat to the best kitesurf spots for your level.
  • Launch your kite from the water.
  • Bodydrag, Waterstart, Riding and changing direction. Upwind & downwind.
  • Depending on your personal level, we will focus on whatever is necessary to improve your kitesurfing skills.

Good job! You have now improved your Kitesurf skills...

Price list Intermediate Kitesurf Windguru Meet Our Kite Instructor Team

Custom Kitesurf Courses

All our kitesurf courses can be personalized to your level and experience. Freestyle Training, Handless Kitesurfing, Kite Wave, Kite Coaching, Kite Guide, Kite Safari…
Tell us your needs and we will make it happen!

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Kite Surf Camp

CASA NORTE: The KiteSurfer Home in Fuerteventura.

You will be staying in Casa Norte, a typical Fuerteventura Villa located in Villaverde and just 15 min by car away from the best kitesurf spots of the Island and Corralejo. Our Camp is perfect for the one who want to enjoy kitesurfing and the tranquility of Fuerteventuras Countryside.

Casa Norte also offers daily Yoga and Funcional Training in it home own Fitness Studio.

Would you like to add YOGA or FUNCTIONAL TRAINING to your KITESURF CAMP? We offer YOGA and FUNCIONAL TRAINING for Kitesurfer in our home own Fitness Center just next to CASA NORTE.


More info CASA NORTE

Kite Surf Camp