Terms & Conditions.

General Bookings and Payments Conditions / Cancellations and Refunds.

REDSHARK S.L. (B35879980) undertakes to provide all our customers with the agreed contracts of services and established conditions surrounding booking, payment, cancellations, contingency and refunds.

A booking is considered confirmed only when the corresponding requested deposit has been made (30% of the chosen course / camp).

1.1- Payment option by Credit / Debit Card.
You can make this payment by credit or debit card by telephone on the number provided, +34928867548. You will need to provide us with the 16 digit card number and the card expiry date, along with the requested dates and course or camp chosen. We will send to you, via whatsapp / email a copy of the payment receipt.

1.2- Payment option by bank transfer.
Once you have made a reservation on our website or by email, you will be requested to make a bank transfer within the next 24 hours for the requested deposit amount. The bank transfer must indicate the reason for the transfer payment as the reference. This will be provided at the time of booking. It is necessary to send a copy of the bank transfer to the following email: info@redsharkfuerteventura.com

1.3- Payment of the balance once you have arrived in Fuerteventura.
The customer must pay the balance of the booking on arrival day at our Corralejo office. We accept payment in cash or by debit / credit card. At this time it is still possible to change the course and, or camp. The deposit already paid will be used as part of the payment of the new course / camp chosen.

2. Booking cancellation conditions ONLINE / MAIL / BOOKINGS MADE IN ADVANCE.

2.1- Booking Cancelled more than 30 days before the scheduled start of the course / camp.
Full refund less an administration penalty fee of 25 euros.

2.2- Booking cancelled between 30 and 7 days before the scheduled start of the course / camp.
The deposit paid will not be returned, but will be available to the customer, for a period of one year, for future bookings. The deposit amount can be transferred to a third person.

2.3- Booking cancelled with less than 7 days notice from the scheduled start of the course / camp.
The customer will not be entitled to any refund.

3. REDSHARK Cancels the activities due to unsuitable weather conditions.
If the contracted activities are canceled due to weather conditions (rain or extreme winds) or due to the lack of suitable conditions for the practice of these activities, REDSHARK SL will propose the following alternatives to the client:

3.1- Cancellation of the course with more than 1 hour notice with respect to the confirmed time. The following options are available:
3.1.1 The course is postponed to the next suitable day.
3.1.2 The course is converted into another activity with a choice between Kite / Surf / Sup.
3.1.3 The amount corresponding to the cancelled activity is converted into a voucher  for use in the shop, school, or is valid for rental of equipment for a period of 2 years.

3.2- Cancellation of the course before the start, but once already arrived at the beach or port.
Options as 3.1.1 or 3.1.3 above but with the addition of a service charge of 15 euros per customer.

3.3- Cancellation of the course after leaving the port with a boat in search of wind (Kite courses only).
Options as 3.1.1 or 3.1.3 above but with the addition of a service charge of 25 euros per customer.

4. THE CUSTOMER CANCELS an activity that has already been confirmed.
Cancellations of activities already confirmed in the store or with one of our employees are subject to these reimbursement conditions:

If the customer cancels less than 8 hours before the course, the day is lost, and the customer is not entitled to any refund.

The day of course will be postponed to the first available date.

No cash refunds are made, except when payment and cancellation are done on the same day!