Frequently Asked Questions KITESURF

I AM A KITESURF BEGINNER. How long do I need to stay on the beach before I go in the water?

If you are beginner is somebody who never did any kind of sport related with a kite, for example Kiteflying, paragliding, or no Kitebuggying you need 5 - 6 hours of Beachtraining until you have a complete control of the kite and you are familiar with all security systems.

If you are a beginner who practiced already two-line kiteflying or paragliding with 3 hours (1 day) of Beachtraining probably you will be ready to go in the water.

In the moment we go in the water we take you off-shore and do our kitelessons from the boat, there it is fundamental to have a perfect kitecontrol. Especially because you will be practicing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where we also have waves and currents! To give you a final answer you will be ready to go in the water when you are able to start, launch and land a kite properly all by yourself under control.

How long lasts each lesson ?

The duration of each beach session is 3 hours in groups of maximum 3 person / instructor. If there should be 4 person / instructor the duration of the course will be 1 hour longer - 4 hours in total. If you are lucky and you happen to be the only one in the group, the duration will be 1 hour shorter as you have the teacher and all the equipment for you. Total 2 hours for 1 person.

What time do the lessons take place?

In general the beachlessons take place during the morning , between 10 and 2 pm, when the wind is not that strong yet. For the boatlesson usually we go in the afternoon, between 2 and 6 when we have the most constant and best winds. Of course if we see the windconditions are the oposite way around we adapt the lessons to the wind. Please note that usually you need to add 1 more hour to the course for transfers and preparation on the beach.

Do I need to share the equipment with somebody else?

If you contracted a grouplesson, yes, you will not be staying all the time with the equipment. It is part of the learning process to learn also by watching your partner doing the same mistakes then you.

BOATLESSON - Will I be practicing for 3 hours with my own kite? How do the boatlesson work?

The boat will be out for 3 hours in total. The crew of the boat is composed of 1 captain, 2 instructors and maximum 6 students. We put 3 to 4 students in the water at the same time. This means we work on a rotation system, in 1 boatlesson you have 2 rounds to go in the water for about 20-30 minutes per round . In your round you practice whatever your level permits and the conditions allow to do.

What about private lesson?

If you are a beginner actually we recommend more to do a normal grouplesson, because it is much nicer to learn in the company of others. If you are already an expert rider and you want to learn something specific or you would like to start your kiting from the beach or get familiar with wavekiting, then private lesson is a good idea. Please note the private lesson will not be from the boat, always from the beach.

Is it possible to do a PRIVATE BOATLESSON?

If you like to kite in the open sea, but you don t want to share equipment, instructor and boat with anybody, then you can hire a private boat. You can hire the boat with equipment and instructor for minimum 2 hours, up to 4. The duration is 2 hours in total and the price is 350 Euro, each extra hour is 110 Euro more. You will have the boat with his captain, 1 teacher and the equipment all for you.

I ALREADY DID A KITECOURSE SOMEWHERE and I just want to go in the water, which is my course?

You need to book the INTERMEDIATE COURSE, which starts with a 2 hour preparation class on the beach. In that class you need to set up a kite by yourself, launch and land it, we define your goals for the lesson and we prepare you with proper exercises on the beach. We make sure you know all the safety and security systems and how to relaunch the kites in deep water to make sure you are going to have a good time once you are in the middle of the ocean.

INTERMEDIATE COURSE. Could I skip the preparation lesson and go straight in the boat?

Yes, if you did at least 5 days of kite classes and no more than 3 months ago. However it is always recommendable to join the preparation lesson as afterwards, in water, you will learn more effectively.

What about if I USE MY OWN EQUPMENT?

Yes, take it with you. Surely you can use your harness, board and wetsuit. The use of your own kite depends on weather conditions according to size and model. If you use your own full equipment, you will have a 20 % of discount. Please note that complete beginner cannot use their own equipment.

Where do the lessons take place?

Depending on the wind direction we perform classes with our Kite Boat in Corralejo, Flagbeach, when the wind direction is North or North-west. We go to the opposite side, El Cotillo when the wind comes from North-east or East direction. Anyway the meeting point will always be in Correlaje, Redshark.

What languages does the instructor speak?

Between all our staff we speak speak English, Spanish, Italian , French and German.

What happen when there is no wind and you can't complete the course?

If the weather conditions unable you to finish your course, you will get a VOUCHER for SURF or SUP lessons or for rental and shopping products in the Redshark shop. *The voucher can be used by any other person and have a duration of 2 years.

For whom is kitesurfing suitable?

Anyone can practice kitesurfing with us! We admit children from 12 years old or even younger but ATTENTION the minimum weight is 40 kg!

Do I need to be trained or very strong?

Kitesurfing does not require any particular previous training, neither a lot of strength (it is directed through your harness and compensated by a weight of your body). That is why women and children learn this sport very fast.

At the end of my kitesurfing course do I get a certificate?

All our kiteinstructor have their own certifications, mostly IKO, but some are European certificated instructors. You will get our RedShark certifcate which details exactly all the points you went through your lesson and which level you achieved.

Frequently asked questions SUP/SURF:

How big are your SURFIN GROUP LESSON?

Our Surfinglesson are organized in very small groups, maximum 4 person / instructor.

Who can start Stand Up Paddle ?

This is a sport for everyone! For children from 12 years SUP to people of a bit further age is very easy to take your first steps in. Each person is able to find the balance on the board and learn bases of this sport. SUP gives a lot of fun and its perfect training for muscles all over your body. It is perfect for very active person, as also for people who don't use to do a lot of sport.


This is an excursion which combines 1) Visiting Lobos Island 2) Doing Stand Up Paddeling in the lagoons of Lobos and around it 3) Snorkeling. The perfect excursion to spend a special and unforgettable day .